Lundy was in Los Angeles for work and we were looking for the right venue.  Our job was to find a restaurant to meet and have dinner.  From a functional standpoint, we just needed a place to eat and catch up, which meant that it had to be a restaurant where we could comfortably talk in.  At an emotional level, attitudes, backgrounds and circumstances played roles.  Looking at attitude, we both wanted a venue geographically halfway (between Redondo Beach and Brentwood).  Lundy had a hospitality background, so the venue also had to be of decent quality.  My health circumstances made it so that there needed to be healthy, vegetarian food.  Although Yelp got our job done quickly and painlessly, it made us wonder whether that would have been the case if we had a disability.  Perhaps, there should be Yelp+ with filters such as “disability parking available” or “hearing loss friendly”?  It would be interesting to see if Sweden has Yelp and / or a separate app for the disabled.